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No one likes wet socks... DUXS new and improved knitted material is the future of footwear. Fixing all previous issues typical shoes faced, now 100% waterproof! DUXS are the only shoes you can wear all year-round, built to last, every season, any adventure, or even just around the city. Expect yourself to go searching around for Puddles, Slush, Mud, and more to jump into!


DUXS Everyday Sneaker's are good for the wallet & Planet. Made to be sustainable, making it light on your feet but also light on waste. Producing on average 60% LESS WASTE, compared to our competition. Our upper recycled polyester material is the future of footwear. Using less is doing a lot more for the environment.


Waterproof doesn't have to mean sweaty. DUXS are totally breathable, they let your sweat escape without letting water in. You can forget about sweaty feet, wet socks, and dirty shoes, your feet will thank you.

Don't be a sitting duck.