Designed in Seattle, WA.

We are crowdfunded and are proud of it!

After crossing our toes, DUXS was launched on Kickstarter and within 48 hours we had reached our goal! But, that wasn’t the end of our crowdfunded journey... Our waterproof everyday sneakers managed to reach over 1400% of our initial funding goal! 

Did we face challenges?

Absolutely! A unexpected pandemic proved to be quite the challenge to over come for a small startup. Luckily everyone here at DUXS was safe during this difficult time, now we are back working on making the best in waterproof footwear!


Designed to be the only shoe you will ever need. Many shoes are over designed, overly colorful, overly logo-ed. The creators of DUXS saw the opportunity to create a knitted travel shoe that focused on form and was extremely disciplined on its execution. So they forged a shoe to be super lightweight, durable, flexible, comfortable, and finished it all with a water, soil, and oil repelling bionic-finish that set it apart from the crowd. 


Gone are the days of a shoe for this and a shoe for that. We believe that you shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to your sneakers, so we created a shoe that can be worn all day, every day, in any weather. Wear them in the snow, wear them in rain, wear them in the sun, even wear them in the shower because sneakers that can do it all are a thing now.

Forget above wet socks and dirty shoes, with DUXS all terrain, all season sneakers, you can be a trendsetter and always travel in style.

How is DUXS pronounced?

It’s quite simple, it’s pronounced as (ducks). Named after the mostly aquatic bird, DUXS sneakers are also able to stay underwater quite easily.