How do they work?

DUXS are 100% waterproof, sand proof, snow and slush proof, as well as wind proof - and it’s not a coating!

After exploration and mindful work, we have built up a restrictive waterproofing innovation called ""DUXS"" . A unique knitted blend made with a huge number of little, small openings in the film layer that lets the nasty sweat and heat out as well blocking those tiny water molecules

Through research and hard work, we were able to develop a proprietary waterproofing technology called Dyma-tex. A special knit made with millions of teeny, tiny holes in the membrane layer allowing for water in vapor form (sweat) and heat to pass through while keeping water molecules (which are too large to pass) from seeping into your Vessis.

This means the element-proofing will last the lifespan of your shoes - so, puddles beware!

Can I swim in my DUXS sneakers?

Vessis are not for swimming. While they are 100% waterproof, this is only up to the ankle opening - so choose your puddles wisely!

That said, if water did get inside for whatever reason just let your shoes dry in a well ventilated area and they'll be good for the next rainy day in no time.

Shoe care guide

You can clean your Vessis easily using a water-based soap, or clear detergent (the ones with yellow hues to them can stain your white sole). We recommend using Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soaps!

Simply run your shoes under warm water, then scrub them with a soft sponge. When you're done, rinse them off and let them dry in a well-ventilated area—your Vessis will be good as new!

*Please do not use the washing machine! This could damage the membrane and void the waterproofing feature as well as your warranty.

We also made a very handy video to show you how we like to clean our Vessis. Watch to follow along!

Are DUXS vegan?

Vessis are 100% vegan and creature-free 🌱.

We use water-based adhesives for glue, and our leather and suede are engineered. No animal products found in the places you can see and none in the places you can't!

Recycled & sustainable

Typical manufacturing processes consume large amounts of energy, water and material trim through processing, dyeing textiles, and cutting. Sometimes animal products are used in raw materials such as glue or accessories which makes the process even less sustainable to the environment.

At Vessi, we wanted to change that.

We recognize the impact that our industry has on the planet. That's why we've developed mindful manufacturing practices to reflect our values. Vessis are 100% Vegan, with each pair made with 30% less water, 600% less energy consumption, and less material trim waste by 97% in comparison to conventional practices.

And last but not least, we developed our waterproof layer "Dyma-Tex" which is a membrane made from polyurethane with millions of pores small enough to prevent water molecules from entering, and large enough to allow heat and moisture from our feet to escape. This means we achieve a lifelong waterproofing quality without a harmful chemical or coating.

We care about our planet and aim to help reduce the carbon footprint left by our industry, one shoe at a time.

Was DUXS crowdfunded?

Yes, we got 700+ backers! See our story here: