DUXS Everyday Sneaker’s are a perfect blend of a comfy city shoe that meets outdoor lifestyle footwear. A minimalist, comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof shoe, designed to make every adventure worth the sweat.

Upgrade your sneaker game with our water, soil, and oil repelling bionic-finish that sets you apart from the crowd. Be a trendsetter, and always travel in style.

    This is what made DUXS such a crowdfunding superstar. Reaching over 700+ backers, and an astonishing 1400% funded of our total goal!

    Core Features:

    • ✅ 100% Waterproof
    • ✅ Durable & Breathable
    • ✅ Flexibility Slip-on Design
    • ✅ Slip Resistant - Sleek Footprint Design
    • ✅ Minimizes Odor -Wear Without socks

    Doesn't Support:

    • 🚫 Animal Cruelty (Vegan Friendly)
    • 🚫 Plastic Waste (Sustainable Innovation)

    It may seem as though what has been created was effortless. But great consideration goes into every aspect to achieve effortless aesthetics, which pairs with the overall amazing performance.

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